Get In Touch

So I’m going to need your help….

Tell me what you want to see me cook…the crazyer, harder and more obscure the better! I will post a ‘what this week’ piece and you can comment with your wonderful, inspiring ideas!

Tell me how you want to see the results…video, photographs, print or the whole shebang!

Then I guess you have to rate the results…that will require more comments guys!


One response to “Get In Touch

  • Wo King

    Me and a few others are organising a Cornish blog network. To meet up. Help each other and swap tips. These are called Wordcamps. We are also forming the first Cornsih Blog awards next year. I have been after food bloggers in Cornwall that we can network with. One of our first ideas is to meet in restaurants and hotels with the food bloggers of Cornwall. I have contacts in some of the hotels in Cornwall and a couple of them have talked to me about a food festival. I want to do this with Cornsih food bloggers. As you can see, lot’s to talk about. If you want to know more then please get in touch. Good luck with your blog and you now have another follower.

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