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Midweek Munch…pancakes!


A healthy start to the day!


How To Be An Un-Domesticated Goon:

So I just thought I’d give you a little insight into how terribly un-domesticated I am….but how I do sometimes try, despite my inevitable failure.

A clear saturday morning light filters in through my blinds. I put some music on and lie back because it’s Saturday- no news required…I’m feeling positive about my food endeavor…my friends who are to be eating it, not so much… so i think ‘how about I rustle up a nice breakie to kick start the day?!’. So I have a nose around in my pretty empty kitchen…find pancakes and fruit- sweet!

So I warm up some pre-made pancakes, stack them all sexy like, drizzle golden syrup in a fashion Ainsley Harriott would be jealous of, getting into it now, scatter some fruit around to the beat of a sweet little French tune that wafts on the airwaves, birds sing outside and my heart warms with the joy of creating.

I sit on my white linen sheets and look out my window. This isn’t going to be too hard….Nigela, eat your heart out…

Tastes like ass.

Really…apparently I have managed to burn the pancakes… Seriously…I can’t even operate a toaster! Well that is my motto in life– burnt is better!…the fruit isn’t too fresh and in general it’s just uber average…FAIL.

I sit defeated on the end of bed…it’s raking up old memories… takes me back to the age of girlie sleepovers and the amount of stick I used to get from my friends who, at the age of 17ish, could already whip up a kick-ass dinner party for all of us. I would stumble down to the kitchen in the morning where a bowl of batter would be promptly handed to me so the girls could all get their morning laugh watching me try and defend the burnt lump that I had created….well enough is enough!

So my first personal challenge…learn how to make ‘The Finest Pancakes Known To Man!!….or maybe just ‘Better Than Average Pancakes’...ok.

So help, tips. advice? Go ahead help a girl out!