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Moving on up…or sideways…maybe…

Just a little heads up….I’ve kinda moved my blog to:

it’s more of a profile of everything I’ve ever done.

Going to start blogging about my documentary on there sooner or later….

so check it out!


The Response: Justin Bieber Sickly Soup

Chinese Tea Comes To Falmouth

How to totally relax…..

The Interior Of Heaven

So this week at uni (I’m a journalism student by the way) we had to create a package each….

basically a nice bit of me speaking, a nice bit of someone else speaking, back to me again and some sexy sounds layered beneath.

 I took this opportunity to hang out at my favourite weekend haunt…The Essence of Tea in Falmouth Cornwall for a little while longer than I normally would…I can honestly say it is probably the most relaxing place I’ve ever been!

Have a listen to my report below…guaranteed to make you feel chilled!


The Ingredients of Irony

Stop! It's cooking time!

When starting a blog, most people would logically pick something they know, love and excel at to write about…but not me. 

Oh no! I am not a logical person. I thought…whilst doing a 9-5 MA to become a kick-ass international journalist…living in a tiny flat…with only a microwave cooker…trying to learn to surf…not even having enough time to do my washing…that this would be the perfect time to finally please my Mum and learn to cook.

Now, I hate cooking… I don’t cook. I go some place new and the first thing I seek out is an amazing person who wants to feed me. I spend stupid pounds on eating out. And when I do have to cook I find it stressful and tedious with all the specifics and timing and the steam and the sizzling….and then it all goes wrong and tastes like shoe anyway.

But I love food. I love eating. I love spice and texture and crunch and sauce and getting food all over my face…well…maybe.

And if I’m being honest I’d love to be able to cook.

So here we go

…one dish a week decided by you the reader…filmed/photographed, explained, critiqued and laughed about…