The Ingredients of Irony

Stop! It's cooking time!

When starting a blog, most people would logically pick something they know, love and excel at to write about…but not me. 

Oh no! I am not a logical person. I thought…whilst doing a 9-5 MA to become a kick-ass international journalist…living in a tiny flat…with only a microwave cooker…trying to learn to surf…not even having enough time to do my washing…that this would be the perfect time to finally please my Mum and learn to cook.

Now, I hate cooking… I don’t cook. I go some place new and the first thing I seek out is an amazing person who wants to feed me. I spend stupid pounds on eating out. And when I do have to cook I find it stressful and tedious with all the specifics and timing and the steam and the sizzling….and then it all goes wrong and tastes like shoe anyway.

But I love food. I love eating. I love spice and texture and crunch and sauce and getting food all over my face…well…maybe.

And if I’m being honest I’d love to be able to cook.

So here we go

…one dish a week decided by you the reader…filmed/photographed, explained, critiqued and laughed about…  


About Jessica Dowse

I'm an International journalist/ social commentator/ ski champion/ guitar player/ Spanish speaker/ Kung-fu expert/ninja/superstar/spaceman……in the making…. making being the key word... A bit about me: I am young, energetic and flexible in my dreaming! Jason Mraz is my religion, politics and relationship status. I believe that any problem in life can be solved with a balanced symbiosis of Elton John, Shakespeare and Billy Joel. Some may say this makes me, either very lame, or very naive… I like to think it makes me idealistic…and I think at 24, that’s still ok… I have recently finished an MA at Falmouth University in Cornwall, England in International Journalism. Now I am employed as a video journalist by CRI in Beijing. Dream job! I want to make documentaries, have adventures and travel the world. View all posts by Jessica Dowse

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