Moving on up…or sideways…maybe…

Just a little heads up….I’ve kinda moved my blog to:

it’s more of a profile of everything I’ve ever done.

Going to start blogging about my documentary on there sooner or later….

so check it out!


Unintended Irony

So I haven’t been my ironic cook self lately…and that’s for two reasons:

1. As my last video shows….I’ve been busy becoming a kick-ass journo…or something to that affect!

2. I have….shock horror…began to cook in an un-ironic way!

Granted it’s not always good…but I’ve started just cooking…and enjoying it! I don’t want to be bad anymore. I want to learn. I want to be able to host dinner parties in my New York loft apartment!….

However….I still have a long way to go!

Here is a little example of the rubbish I served up the other day….

The world Tonight

The reason I don’t cook anymore…

What This Week?

Christmas Special!

Ok, so I’m back to taking your suggestions….more fool me!

I am now at home in a significantly larger kitchen, complete with spangily, shiny equipment just waiting for my abuse!

So do your best…..

I want cake ideas, trifles, sponges, waffles topped with meringue whips and chocolate droppings…something along those lines!!

Test me! Go ahead!

The Response: Justin Bieber Sickly Soup

Ready Steady Cook: Justin Bieber Soup

Just how sick is it?

The Daily Munch: Ready Steady Cook Challenge.

‘The Decision…’

‘The cooking’ is coming soon to a computer screen near you….

My Musical Response To My Ready Steady Cook Meal.

Justin Bieber Soup- It’s sick!

So I did my Ready Steady Cook challenge last night and I really felt that I should give you my musical response to it asap….because it was mingin’!

I made soup….but I think it was more like soggy vegetables floating in hot water.

Thus, much like Justin Bieber….it made me feel sick! 

(No hater mail please!)


Ready Steady Cook: The Ingredients

The Kindly Donated Ingredients

Chinese Tea Comes To Falmouth

How to totally relax…..

The Interior Of Heaven

So this week at uni (I’m a journalism student by the way) we had to create a package each….

basically a nice bit of me speaking, a nice bit of someone else speaking, back to me again and some sexy sounds layered beneath.

 I took this opportunity to hang out at my favourite weekend haunt…The Essence of Tea in Falmouth Cornwall for a little while longer than I normally would…I can honestly say it is probably the most relaxing place I’ve ever been!

Have a listen to my report below…guaranteed to make you feel chilled!